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"Who Else Wants A Well-Trained Horse
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Instruction Course In History

You can successfully train your horse to stop
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From: Charlie Hicks

Dear Horse Enthusiast,

If your horse has behavior problems then read this letter completely and you'll discover the time-proven solutions that will make a huge difference in your horse training efforts.  You don't have to second-guess or wonder how to to do it.  All the methods, secrets and techniques are disclosed in this course that enables you to turn your horse into a super-responsive animal that's a joy to ride and handle.

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Imagine the enjoyment of riding your horse without fear of rearing, running out of control, kicking, shying and multiple other bad habits that leave you frustrated, fearful or embarrassed.  This amazing, proven course teaches you to use your natural ability to master your horse with the experience of a veteran horse trainer and stop behavioral problems quickly using the same techniques the experts use.  In just minutes a day your horse will be doing exactly what you want and you'll be seeing results like you never thought possible before and stopping all the bad habits and problems the horse has. 

If you have always desired to train your horse but wasn't sure how to go about it, then this message contains the most important information you could ever read.  Hundreds and thousands before you, over many years, have successfully used this exact course to take control over their horses....  and you can, too.

Getting Real Frustrated....

Perhaps you are like so many others:  a typical horse owner getting frustrated and sometimes frightful because your horse would surprise you by biting, shying, occasionally kicking or rearing.  In short - you lack control.  Short of either spending lots of money for a "professional" to help with the training or just selling him and trying another horse, you just don't know what to do.  At times everything seems fine but other times the horse just "blows up" under you.  At some point you get so spitting mad you want to take the animal to the sale barn! 
You know the horse isn't safe when you lack  control.  You see,  when you're green, or if you are a new horse owner, and don't understand how a horse thinks, you can't get consistent results at all.  This course takes you through one lesson after another, building on the results of each step to to the point where you have complete hand and voice control over your horse.


 "What is the primary problem you are having with your horse right now?      What's holding you back from fixing it?"

Don't Give Up - There Is A Solution

Meet Prof. Jesse Beery, who was one of the best horse trainers in history.  His "genius" methods were proven over and over again with thousands of horse owners like you and me.  In the early 1900's he authored an 8 volume home-study course that teaches you how to transform your bad, misbehaved horse into a horse that is a peaceful, easy riding animal that is a joy to own! 

You'll learn, like so many others have.... that this course lays out the most logical reasoning of why you train a horse a certain way and breaks the problems down into easy-to-use lessons in a particular order.  Jesse Beery was brilliant in his approach to training horses.


You can get immediate help.  You can download the full course in minutes and be learning how to solve your most pressing horse problems right away.

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Get the Horse Training Course That:

  • Teaches you to understand your horse's disposition
  • Helps you understand how horses think
  • Shows you how to bring any horse into subjection
  • Teaches you to overcome any bad habit in your horse
  • Teaches you how to maintain control of any horse

The course that allows you to enjoy your horse
without fear of loosing control


Just like hundreds and hundreds of others before you, in just a few weeks of following the step-by-step program of Jesse Beery you will be able to....

  • Get consistent results from your horse and have the confidence knowing you can control him in any situation.  Your friends will be amazed at how well you will be able to control and command your horse.
  • You'll see a huge improvement in your ability to master your horse with unbelievable results, time after time.
  • Your confidence on your horse will skyrocket as your horse responds to everything you ask him to do!  You won't hesitate or fear any more - what a huge improvement in your riding experience!
  • Your horse will have more confidence in you and respect your authority as you learn to take control.

Take Control Of Your Horse - Purchase Now

Jesse Beery developed the most amazing training methods that he learned through some bad experiences of his own.  But he learned that the "secret" of the training was to read a horse's character and found he could change that character and get the horse to never forget his training.  Jesse was getting consistent, reliable results even professionals at the time weren't getting.  Many people tried to make fun of this kid but were taken back at the results he was getting time after time.....

Jesse Learned Insights The Other Pros Didn't See...

Jesse was forced at a young age to learn on his own.  He studied and researched and mastered the horse training methods through trial and error.  He learned how to train, with amazing consistency, every horse he worked on.  His methods worked so well that he was able to solve the worst problems that horse owners brought to him within hours, sometimes just minutes, after working with them.


"I enjoyed reading your website.
I'm Jesse Beery's great-granddaughter. 
I'm glad to see his work is still being appreciated."
Beth  Beery

Here's What Prof. Jesse Beery
Says About His Horse Training Course:

  • He provides practical, real-life knowledge gained from a lifetime of study, not just theory.
  • Not only is "Know Thyself" important to every man, but it is just as important to "Know Thy Horse"
  • Unless you understand the nature, disposition, nervous system and mental limitations of the horse, you will fail to understand what forms the bad habits in horses.   This understanding will repay a hundredfold in time and effort.
  • Many fundamental principles were formed over the course of many years.  After hundreds and thousands of horses, the principles were proven. 
  • These same principles, passed on through the Course on Horsemanship, have been applied by thousands of students all over the world and met with great success.
  • The lessons are arranged in a particular, logical order starting with the basic principles and bulding to the most difficult feats of horsemanship where only master trainers dare ot undertake.
  • Prof. Beery knows his subject and experience taught him how to handle any type of horse no matter which type of habit he may have or what his natural inclinations are.
  • He can look at a horse's head and tell you what sort of habits he is likely to have; how he will act when you try to break him and how long he is likely to resist.
  • He teaches all these abilities to you in the course so that YOU can understand them as well.
  • He has the entire subject of horse training systematized.  He has classified all kinds of horses based on the shape of their heads and teaches you how to determine their natural disposition this way.
  • Certain marks on the head indicates certain modes of resistance and is characteristic of all horses having heads with similar marks.
  • Each type or disposition must be handled differently.  You must understand your horse's disposition if you are going to train him right.
  • You must understand what causes one colt or horse to act a certain way that might cause another to act just the opposite.
  • Jesse says "Any Horse Can Be Cured".  All horses can be subdued... some are harder than others based on their disposition and the handling they've already had.  But all horses have a degree of pracitcal intelligence which is all they need in order to train them.
  • The horse does not have the power to reason.  This is shown example by example throughout the course.
  • The thought by owners that the horse can reason actually harms the horse...  and is a primary reason so many horses are whipped or punished in different ways.
  • The horse's brain is different - he is big and strong and has some keen senses.  But a horse is nowhere near a man mentally.
  • Since the horse's brain is smaller and simpler - use your brain more than your muscle to train and control them.
  • Since the horse cannot reason then, as you train him, you are fixing impressions all the time.  And things done in repetition become habits.  Wrong impressions result in bad habits.
  • Horses do NOT know a good habit from a bad one - they are trained responses.  If he has bad habits such as kicking or biting it is usually due to a misunderstanding at some point because he is afraid we'll hurt him.
  • Most bad habits are due to poor management of the horse some place along the line.
  • Most bad habits have two main causes: improper colt training and accidents.  And most accidents are due to improper training.
  • Hundreds of accidents could be avoided if the horse was trained properly.

The definition of horse training:
"The Art of Forming Useful Habits"

  • You must start the habit yourself by making the horse do just what you want him to do.
  • Training a horse to do tricks is nothing more than forming unusual habits.
  • The correct method will accomplish anything.  Even with horses of any type of disposition - they can be trained to perfection.
  • "Character is written on every face" is true both for people and horses. 

Jesse Beery's methods and proven techniques were honed so fine that anyone could learn his simple, yet so powerful ways to completely control their horse.  Now you, with a little experience and Jesse's guidance, will be controlling your horse so he will always do just what you ask of it.  Jesse went on to develop a School of Horsemanship and taught thousands of students through his school and through his home-study course how to master the horse and control him in any situation.


The Complete Course Is Now Available Again...

Can you imagine how valuable this course is?  Jesse used to charge hundreds of dollars for his training back in the early 1900's.  And now horse owners all over the country spend hundreds and thousands of dollars getting their horses trained, hundreds on books, videos, CD's and lots of frustrating hours trying to get their horse to respond to their training... and still only get marginal results.  You can now get this excellent horse training course for a small fraction of what most folks spend today.

I have secured the rights to the original, full 8 Volume instructional course and have turned it into an eBook that you can now download immediately.  I had professional editors completely reproduce all of the original lessons into a format that everyone can now use.  Now, through the convenience of the Internet, you can download a complete copy of the original course, then read it on your computer at home, on your laptop, print out portions to take along.  Nothing has been left out.  Even the original pictures and graphics that were in the original course have been completely reproduced.

You can now get a copy of this course to read and learn in your own home.  Every detail is there to teach you exactly how to master the Jesse Beery Horse Training System quickly.

Take Control Of Your Horse - Purchase Now

Here's just part of what you'll discover with this amazing course....

  • The one huge advantage you hold over your horse… and how to use this to teach and be in command of your horse all the time.
  • A proven method of ‘communicating’ with your horse - use this method to ‘talk’ with your horse to get it to follow your commands.
  • How to watch a horse's head and his ears and be able to accurately gauge his mood and know his intentions.  These are signs that work every time and enables you to maintain control. 
  • The single thing you should never, ever do with your horse or else you instantly give your horse the upper hand. When this happens your horses confidence drops like a rock.
  • Learn the tricks, tips and professional techniques to successfully train your colt.
  • Your horse will become more trustworthy... which makes your horse much more valuable.
  • Learn to recognize which of the four dispositions, or combination of dispositions, your horse is. Use this information and you’ll immediately know your horse's character.  You will then know how to adjust your training to this specific type of disposition.  This is so critical to master the training methods.
  • A long-forgotten method to use to get your horse accustomed to unexpected surprises so he doesn’t panic and cause harm. Your horse will remain calm and you'll retain perfect control over him… even in the most confusing situations.
  • How to stop a nervous (Type No.1 or No.3) kicker, no matter how old. You can completely eliminate this habit.


  • Finally - you can understand why your horse balks….  and how to stop the habit forever.
  • Know the correct use of your whip.  Most owners misuse or use the whip at the wrong time. Now you’ll discover the proven method to use your whip with a command that will get your horse's attention every time.
  • The proper way to teach “Steady”, “Whoa” and “Get Up” to your horse and get immediate obedience.
  • How to completely overcome a horse's habit to shy or to run away.
  • How to train your horse for shoeing...  to stop him from kicking.  He'll be completely submissive while being shod.
  • How to teach your horse to reverse...  simply by standing in front of him! 
  • Along with many, many more problems solved

Teach Your Horse to Perform Tricks!

Imagine how fun it will be when your horse learns these tricks!  You'll amaze and entertain your friends and family and continue to prove you have complete control over your horse.
Here's just part of what you'll learn about teaching tricks...

  • The Number One Rule you must always adhere to when teaching any horse a new trick. And the first thing you should do BEFORE attempting to teach a horse any trick.
  • The type of horse that readily learns new tricks. You could possibly waste hours by trying to train the wrong type of horse.
  • How you can teach your horse to say “YES” and “NO”.
  • How to teach your horse to pretend he’s a vicious animal and chase after others…  This is one of the most easiest, yet remarkable tricks your horse can master.
  • The secret to teaching your horse to walk on his hind legs!  Everyone will be impressed....
  • Teach your horse to give you kisses.... and how your horse loves you!  You'll love how quickly the horse can learn to give you that first kiss!
  • And many, many more tricks such as Telling His Age, How to Have Your Horse Balk at Will, Drive a Buggy without Lines, Sit Up, and on and on.... 

What You Get With the Complete 
8 Volume Course on Horsemanship

1. Colt Training

2. Disposition and Subjection

3. Kicking and Balking

4. Shying and Running Away

5. Bad to Shoe and Halter Pulling

6. Promiscuous Vices

7. Overcoming Special Fears

8. Teaching Tricks


OK... you've got the idea now....

By now you can see that this horse training manual is top-of-the-line.  It has been used by thousands over the years to successfully train the most stubborn and hard to handle horses.... and trained by normal horse owners like you and me. 

This course presents all the material in plain language, is easy to follow and understand, and can be used by the lay person right away.  You'll understand why this course has been so successful after reading Beery's methods.


If you will simply follow these lessons in detail, I will guarantee that you will be able to transform your horse from his bad habits and behavior problems to one that has complete confidence in you and will be under your control at all times.  All the methods, all the tricks, all the secrets to successfully train your horse are clearly presented. 

Take Control Of Your Horse - Purchase Now


I'm So Sure You'll Want This Course....

...that I'll send you a free copy of the original Introductory Course Booklet that Jesse would send to potential buyers of his home study course.  In the 20 pages of this Introduction, Jesse tells about his horse training principles and tells you exactly what you'll learn and the basics of his understanding about horses.  He'll tell you how you can "read" a horse and determine his character, how to classify the different horse dispositions and how to go about handling each one differently.  Jesse states that "Any Horse Can Be Cured" and he shows you how to do it.

Woman with her horse http://www.HorseTrainingResources.comHe details how a horse's brain is different, how the horse perceives his bad habits, and how most owners make serious mistakes while trying to correct their horse's behavior.

You should immediately request a free copy of this introduction and read it thoroughly.  You'll then start to see the genius of Jesse Beery's training program and start to understand the real value of the entire course.

Before you go on, fill out your first name and primary email address and we'll tell you how to download the Introductory Course Book immediately.



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How much more valuable would
a well-trained horse be worth to you?

How much more valuable would your horse be to you if he was completely trained, you had full confidence and control over him, and you could finally enjoy horseback riding without concern about your horse "acting up" or causing harm?  How much more valuable would the horse be to someone else if you decided to sell him?

You could easily spend hundreds of dollars on training and working with a horse and still not get the results that others have obtained from using Jesse Beery's course. 

Join thousands of other successful horse owners....

This entire course could be sold for hundreds of dollars...  because it has consistently produced proven results.  However, now that we have taken the time and expense to convert it to a digital format, we can offer it as an immediate download.  This means that we can make a special offer that you'll want to take advantage of immediately.


 Train 'em right once.....  reap the rewards forever.

 Here's my "Horse Training Book Collection" Offer:



When you buy the 8 Volume Jesse Beery Horse Training Course on Horsemanship, I will also include two excellent bonus books for no additional charge.   I have personally picked these two specific books because they use similar, proven techniques that Jesse Beery uses.  They are a solid addition to your training library and compliment the Jesse Beery Course.  And, all together, comprise 419 pages. 


FREE Bonus #1

"The Arabian Art of
Taming and Training
Wild and Vicious Horses"


With a special section included:

"The Horseman's Guide And Farrier"

($37.00 value)

I secured the copyright to this great book and had professional editors convert it into an eBook for me.  This is an additional 36 page eBook that was originally authored in 1856.  It is a fascinating horse training manual and guide on how to train and control even the wildest horses.  The Arabians were excellent horse handlers and this book details amazing methods that you will be able to use with your horse, guaranteed.

It's pretty amazing how some of the same training philosophies in this book cross over with the excellent Jesse Beery methods.  They compliment each other very well.

The Table of Contents of This Book:

  • Introduction
  • The Three Fundamental Principles of My Theory
  • Founded on the Leading Characteristics of the Horse
  • How to Succeed in Getting the Colt from Pasture
  • How to Stable a Colt Without Trouble
  • Time to Reflect
  • The Kind of Halter
  • Remarks On the Horse
  • Experiments With the Robe
  • Suppositions On the Sense of Smelling
  • Prevailing Opinion of Horsemen
  • Powel's System of Approaching the Colt
  • Powel's Treatment: How to Govern Horses of Any Kind
  • How to Proceed if Your Horse Is of a Stubborn Disposition
  • How to Halter and Lead the Colt
  • How to Lead a Colt Ny the side Of a Broken Horse
  • How to Lead a Colt Into the Stable and Hitch Him Without Having Him Pull on the Halter
  • The Kind of Bit and How to Accustom a Horse To It
  • How to Saddle a Colt
  • How to Mount the Colt
  • How to Ride the Colt
  • The proper way to Bit a Colt
  • How to Drive a Horse That Is Very Wild, and Has Any Vicious Habit
  • Balking
  • Break a Horse to Harness
  • How to Hitch a Horse in a Sulky
  • How to Make a Horse Lie Down
  • How to Make a Horse Follow You
  • How to Make a Horse Stand Without Holding
  • Cure for Colic
  • Cure for the Bots
  • For Distemper
  • Long Fever
  • Rheumatic Liniment
  • Cuts and Wounds of all kinds
  • Sprains and Swellings
  • For Glanders
  • Saddle or Collar Liniment
  • Liniment to set the stifle Joint on a Horse
  • Eye Water
  • Liniment for Windgalls, Strains and growth of Lumps on Man or Horse
  • Horse Powder
  • For Cuts or Wounds on Horse or Man
  • Oil for Collars
  • Sore and Scummed Eyes on Horses
  • For a Bruised Eye
  • Poll-evil or Fistula
  • For the Fersey
  • To Make the Hair Grow on Man or Beast
  • Cholera or Diarrhea Tincture
  • Cure for the Heaves
  • Process of causing a Horse to lay down
  • Means of learning a Horse to pace
  • Horsemanship
  • Indication of a Horse's Disposition
  • Receipt for Bone Spavin or Ring-Bone
  • Temperance Beverage
  • Sarsaparilla Syrup



FREE Bonus #2

"Breaking And Training Colts"


($20.00 value)

This small book (23 pages) is very much to the point and presents material very clearly and with excellent logic regarding the reason you train a horse a certain way.  Written in the 1920's by the Animal Husbandry Division.  Here's what covered:

  • Fundamental Principles
  • Man is Master
  • Age to Break
  • Gentling the Colt
  • Breaking to Lead
  • Handling the Colt's Feet
  • Breaking to Drive
  • To Stop a Horse: "Whoa"
  • To Back a Horse: "Back"
  • Driving Double
  • Driving Single
  • Sights and Sounds
  • Breaking to Ride
  • Correcting Bad Habits
  • Balkiness
  • Kicking
  • To Throw a Horse
  • Harness
  • Importance of a Good Mouth
  • Training and Development Go Together

Are You Ready For A Change? 

Are you ready to take control of your horse and take him to the point where you're not frustrated with him,  don't fear him, and where you can truly enjoy him more?

Order below and start transforming  your horse into a well-behaved, responsive horse that is a joy to ride. 

You have three order options:

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Thanks for stopping by.  You'll love the results you'll get with this awesome course! 


Charlie Hicks

P.S. Start now to overcome all those bad habits your horse has developed.  Get the entire 8 Volumes of Jesse Beery's Course in Horsemanship and, if you act now, I'll include two free bonus books: "The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses" (a $37.00 value) and "Breaking and Training Colts" ($20.00 value).  One of the best horse training book bargains available anywhere.

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